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Turning Can't Into Can - Flyer


Turning I Can’t to I Can
Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Thursday November 26, 2015
7:30 -9:00pm
PWYC/Suggested $10

Raise your hand if you have ever made a resolution; set a goal for yourself; or wanted a change in your life? Now keep your hand up if you have not yet accomplished one of those…
For me, it’s getting to the gym on a regular basis. Other things – like work, family and friends, Netflix and chocolate… just seem to keep getting in the way.

Often times when setting a goal or wanting a change the end result picture can be difficult to see; the path to get there long and overwhelming. Motivation decreases as obstacles pop up along the way. Success is delayed, and the words “I can’t…” creep into our mind. Maybe even out of our mouths.

This workshop is geared towards refreshing some focus, motivation and most importantly HOPE! I will share with you a secret to help change the way you look at setting and achieving goals – and point you in the direction of celebrating the little successes along the way to your bigger “I Can”.

Why wait until January to start that New Year’s resolution? Get a head start now and use the party on December 31st to celebrate your progress!

Contact Beth Ann Lichti or the Peterborough Chiropractic Group to sign up. Limited space available. | (705)957-7444
Facebook: (re)Discover You Counselling